Hi, my name is Guy Hajaj

I'm a Vancouver/Tel Aviv based writer, DJ and cultural adventurer.

Contact me at guyha@haoneg.com | twitter | instagram

My words and sounds can be found at MixcloudBlazer magazine | Ynet | haoneg | Alaxon | Used songs | You are here (sample) | Hiss records | KZradioEOL

What's my what?

I write features for Blazer magazine, a weekly music column and reviews for Ynet and my music blog, haoneg – Israel's most popular cultural blog for more than 10 years. I was also a staff writer at Alaxon, the best long-form magazine ever.

I create new cultural adventures. I wrote and produced the narrative nonfiction podcast Haregah ("The moment") for The IPBC. I produced Used Songs, an album of Hebrew interpretations to Tom Waits songs. I co-edited You Are Here, a one-time print magazine of travel writing (pre-sold 2,500 copies). I co-managed the now-defunct Hiss records.

I DJnew, awesome music, with emphasis on local artists. Both in weddings, clubs, festivals and events, and on the radio – KZradio, Israel's version of BBC radio 6, and (previously) on EOL, a talk radio station engaged in social good.

I got educatedI've earned an MA in literature from Tel Aviv University and am currently writing an essay collection towards my creative writing MFA at The University of British Columbia.

Write me?

I'm open for freelance projects, magazine writing, DJ gigs and adventures. Especially if they involve ice cream.