Hi, my name is Guy Hajaj

I'm a Vancouver/Tel Aviv based writer, DJ and cultural adventurer.

Contact me at guyha@haoneg.com | twitter | instagram

My words and sounds can be found at MixcloudBlazer magazine | Ynet | haoneg | Alaxon | Used songs | You are here (sample) | Hiss records | KZradioEOL

What's my what?

I write for Blazer magazine (features), Ynet (weekly music column) and my music blog, haoneg – Israel's most popular cultural blog for more than 10 years. I was also a staff writer at Alaxon, the best long-form magazine ever.

I create new cultural adventures. I produced Used Songs, an album of Hebrew interpretations to Tom Waits songs. I co-edited You Are Here, a one-time print magazine of travel writing (pre-sold 2,500 copies). I co-managed the now-defunct Hiss records.

I DJnew, awesome music, with emphasis on local artists. Both in weddings, clubs, festivals and events, and on two radio stations – KZradio, Israel's version of BBC radio 6, and (previously) on EOL, a talk radio station engaged in social good.

Write me?

I'm open for freelance projects, magazine writing, DJ gigs and adventures. Especially if they involve ice cream.